We love working with different colors!



Rainbow’s Colors’ team is proud to be one of the most popular painting companies in the city.
We at the Rainbow’s Colors company are pleased to offer you a wide variety of painting services, and hire only the best painters to take care of your residential house.
We value both the technical and artistic sides of our job in every Showcase… The fact how much does that kind of passion affects the overall quality shows not only through our 3-year painting warranty but also in our Photo Gallery, featuring the most impressive painting showcases that we undertook that far.

Environment friendliness

One of the most important things that we employ in our work is the usage of eco-friendly paints and finishes. This way we make our part in protecting the world’s environment.

Seasoned Professionals

Besides the fact that almost tall of our employees have more than 5 years of work experience at hand, all of them have a steady pair of hands and a good eye for the color!

Variety of Services

With so many things to paint both inside and outside of your houses, we’ve got a real range of services here. This means we can do any sort of residential or commercial works.

Affordable Pricing

On top of having an awesome range of painting services, be sure that our pricing and fees we charge for the painting job are just as competitive.
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Alex Buoyega


Mr. Buoyega was born in one of Detroit’s poorest blocks, all before pursuing his successful managerial career in the future. For him, the breakthrough happened when he was able to get on Harvard University’s Law School list. After graduating from there, he was working for a few years for a number of multi-million dollar corporations, climbing up


Kenneth Richardson


A talented and creative leader, Kenneth is known among his colleagues for how good his organizing and team leading skills are… Working priorly for a number of American and International multi-billion dollar companies, Kenneth has built up a reputation and a skillset worthy of an executive manager. His constant focus at work is on...


Jonathan Christman


Being as a devoted family man as he is, it is incredible how Jonathan has time left for managing multi-million dollar contracts, satisfying all of our clients and managing a vast team of professionals under his command. His resolve is well-known, making him one of the few executive managers in our company who is admired by co-workers.


Martin Beaton


Originally from London, at one point of his sophomore college year, Martin decided to turn the tables for his career and travel to the US, to try and get a Harvard MBA degree… Eventually, he succeeded in that, becoming one of the most respected executive managers in his field of work. His 15 years long experience of


Mary Applebaum


A Juneau, Alaska native, Mrs. Applebaum has come a long way since her high school graduation all the way up to getting a Brown University Master’s degree in Economics. Talented with the digits, she’s no less successful when it comes to managing the human resources of the company. Ask anyone at our office who is their personal


Emily Bluesome

Vice President of Operations

Born in New York City, Elisa always felt a strong urge for being an ambitious overachiever. Eventually, by the age of 25 she already had received her first Wall Street executive position, making her one of the youngest managers in the company. With her overall work experience spanning over 2 decades, Mrs. Hansolo is definitely the kind